Spring Cleaning: 5 Ways to Improve Organization

Spring Cleaning: 5 Ways to Improve Organization

With the weather warming and the sun shining, spring cleaning is a great way to get your life and mind in order. It is well known that an organized space leads to healthier habits in life. From larger projects to five-minute fix-its, here are 5 ways to improve organization in your home.

1. Have a Power Hour

By dedicating yourself to one hour a day, you can tackle many small clean-up tasks. By implementing this method, larger jobs are broken down into smaller, more manageable projects. If you are unable to dedicate an entire hour, even 15 minutes will make a large impact on the organization of space if done consistently. It is recommended to choose the same time every day. By forming this habit, you will automatically reduce the workload when tackling larger projects in the home.

2. Divide Your Space

Rather than trying to clean your entire home in one day, divide it into different areas. By siphoning the space, larger projects will be made more manageable and less overwhelming.

For example: the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and office are all different areas that can be split up. Utilizing this technique ties into the previous tip. You are able to tackle a large amount of work, within a shorter amount of time. You can even divide the work further from there. Decluttering cabinets and shelves during one segment of time, organizing and cleaning the space during the next.

3. The 3-Sweep Method

When working through spaces, utilize the 3-Sweep Method. First, tidy the area. Remove any items or debris that don't belong. Discard or make a donation pile as is suited. Second, clean the area of any dirt, dust, smudges, or stains. You want the items to be arranged in a clean place, rather than dirtying them again. Next, replace what is left. Make sure to place objects in a parallel and perpendicular fashion. By doing so, the remaining household essentials will be symmetric, and thus aesthetically pleasing.

4. Invest in Organizational Supplies

Once you've done your fair share of decluttering, it's time to invest in an organization system that keeps dust and mess to a minimum.

Drawer organizers and collapsible fabric boxes make quick work of keeping like items together. It also creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance and reduces the accumulation of clutter. Large, clear plastic tubs with lids are great for storing items that are used less often and can be kept out of sight. This way you can easily find the item in question when it is time to use and can easily return it to its place.

5. Create a Maintenance Schedule

Once you have completed your initial spring cleaning, it is important to maintain the level of cleanliness and organization. By having a maintenance schedule, you can ensure with minimal effort that your home stays clean. Ways in which to regularly clean are to wipe down the sink each morning when brushing your teeth, scrub down the shower once a week while bathing, wipe down counters and cabinets when replacing groceries, continuously remove items that are unused or damaged, and vacuum under beds and behind shelves when changing sheets. Creating a daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list will eliminate the need for intensive, tiring, and lengthy cleanings.

Cleaning will become an easy everyday task and your home and well-being will thank you for it.

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