7 Features in MacOS Ventura That Will Make Your New Mac Even Better

7 Features in MacOS Ventura That Will Make Your New Mac Even Better

In late 2022, Apple released its latest version of the Mac operating system, known as MacOS Ventura or MacOS 13. The new OS packs new features and capabilities into desktops and laptops to optimize the user experience. We have highlighted seven features in your Ventura to help you get the most out of your device.

Share images in iCloud Shared Photo Library

7 Features in MacOS Ventura That Will Make Your New Mac Even Better

You can now share a collection of your favorite images in the new Shared iCloud Library feature automatically instead of sending them manually to a group chat. Share all the photos and videos in your library with up to five other people to save time and remove errors. Once you customize the content you are sharing, it is automatically added to your collection based on the people in the images, the date they were taken on, and even the proximity.

Edit Sent Messages

If you have ever sent regrettable texts before, you know how awful such an experience can be. Thankfully MacOS Ventura allows you to edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending them. You can also delete them for up to two minutes or recover deleted texts for up to 30 days after sending them. If you want to wait to respond to messages, you can mark them as unread after reading the receipts.

Take Advantage of Live Captions

Apple has integrated a Live Captions feature into MacOS Ventura to enhance the experience of the deaf and hard of hearing. The feature available in Beta can transcribe audio for media, calls, and in personal conversations automatically. When using the feature during calls on a Mac, type your message via Type to Speak and have your response automatically spoken out loud to the target audience in real time. You can also use this feature on the FaceTime app, provided speaker attribution is added.

Do More with Enhanced Mail App Features

The standard Mail app in macOS has received some upgrades to bring it to par with most modern email platforms such as Gmail. You can now schedule emails to be sent later and unsent emails a few moments after sending them. You will also receive reminders to follow up on emails previously sent if a response has not been forthcoming. Additionally, if you mentioned an attachment in your email and forgot to attach a file, you will get an alert.

Enhance Your Security with Passkeys

For a while now, Apple has been trying to eliminate traditional passwords on their devices. It collaborated with FIDO Alliance to create a secure passwordless sign-in system in Ventura called Passkeys. Instead of using the typical passwords to access your device, you are prompted on your Mac screen to use either Face ID or Touch ID to verify your identity. The fact that Passkeys are stored on your device and not a web server makes them immune to phishing attacks. Apart from your Mac device, Passkeys can sync across multiple iCloud-enabled devices such as Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone.

Maximize Continuity Camera for Video Calls

If you are often frustrated by your Mac's crappy camera during video calls, you are better off with the new Continuity Camera on your Ventura. The feature works wirelessly to deliver quality photos and videos typical of the iPhone's excellent camera. It automatically recognizes your iPhone camera whenever it is nearby, allowing you to maximize all the features in recent Mac cameras, such as Portrait Mode and Center Stage.

Organize Open Apps with Stage Manager

Use Apple's new Stage Manager to organize all your open apps on your screen automatically. This keeps them in full view and easily accessible with a simple glance. Additionally, Stage Manager feature allows you to keep all apps you are currently using in the center of the screen, rearrange app sizes to fit your workspace, or group them together for specific projects.

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MacOS Ventura has some exciting new features that will help you work smarter and faster. From the enhanced performance that can handle even the most demanding tasks to improved productivity tools such as multitasking, streamlined workflows, and managing notifications, Ventura can help you optimize your workflow and boost your overall experience. With a sleek new design, powerful new tools, and added security features, Ventura is packed with features for power users, creative professionals, and students alike.

If you have any questions about getting the most out of your Ventura or need help exploring the new features, contact The Futurist today.

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