Cricket powder protein from Human Improvement


Cricket protein in a bowl next to a live cricket and cookies made with cricket powder, we assume.

Mushroom tea. Nootropics and adaptogens. Chickpea ice cream.

It’s no secret that alternative ingredients are a growing health and wellness trend, and the standards for today’s next superfood are getting pretty steep. However, not every brand is out to find the next, new, nutritional hit. In fact, one brand in particular, Human Improvement, believes we already found it – centuries ago. Human Improvement formulates nutrient-rich protein blends using cricket-powder, an ultra-sustainable micro-protein, in combination with other natural ingredients to give you the fuel you need to take on each day.

What is cricket protein?

Yeah. That wasn’t a typo. We’re definitely talking about bugs. But don’t knock it just yet.

While using crickets to make protein powder may turn heads at first, it’s actually much better for our bodies and the environment than other powders and supplements that we ingest daily. Cricket protein is one of the most sustainable and nutritious sources of protein in the world. And while it might sound new to you, crickets have been consumed for thousands of years, and many people have insects as a regular protein source today.

Human Improvement Cricket Protein

What does HI! cricket protein taste like?

On its own? Not like much.

Cricket protein is almost flavorless – with a plain, nutty flavor that most closely resembles an almond, cashew, or hazelnut. But no worries if you aren’t ready to grab a shovel and head to the backyard. Human Improvement is making cricket protein more accessible to the masses with two flavorful, top quality, deliciously smooth protein blends, vanilla and chocolate, and those are exactly the flavors you’ll taste.

What are the benefits of HI! cricket protein?

With 22 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, no added sugar, and a wealth of other wellness-boosting ingredients such as monk fruit extract, pink himalayan salt, and organic pumpkin protein, Human Improvement’s cricket protein blends are designed to improve recovery, lean muscle growth, digestion, and gut health. In fact, it’s more nutritious than plant protein and more sustainable than whey – packed with clean ingredients that taste great and go easy on your gut (so say goodbye to post-protein bloat). Here are some of the benefits of HI! cricket protein as outlined by Human Improvement themselves: 

It’s a complete protein -  With all 9 essential amino acids that are highly bioavailabile (meaning they absorb better in your body than plant protein).

  • It’s a good source of vitamin B12 - A missing nutrient that can’t be found in plant protein. Cricket protein is a natural source of Vitamin B12 which supports mood balance & energy.

  • It’s a strong source of prebiotics - Improve gut health by feeding the good bacteria in your microbiome. These naturally occurring prebiotics in cricket can’t be found in any plant or whey protein.

  • It’s more sustainable than whey protein - Crickets emit 99% less greenhouse gasses (GHGs) than livestock. Currently, more than half of all global GHGs come from livestock.

  • It’s better for the planet - Crickets require roughly 90% less water with no waste runoff to produce the same amount of protein as livestock. They also require far less space – only 7% off the area required for livestock farming.

Is HI! cricket protein worth it?

If you’re into all natural, healthy ways to boost your wellness routine, then absolutely yes. Honestly, we’d lock down a box of this protein on taste and smoothness alone, but the high quality nutrition and full-body benefits make this protein worth the buy (just $49.99). You’ll never taste the crickets, but you’ll definitely feel the difference in your energy throughout the day, your recovery, and your overall health.

Hop to it and try HI! for yourself!

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