Why Homeowners Love This Measuring Device (VH-80)

Why Homeowners Love This Measuring Device (VH-80)



Accurate measurements are integral to just about every home project. Traditional tools designed for the task, such as tape measures, are often awkward to use, and in most cases require an extra set of hands. Enter the VH-80, a bilateral laser measuring device that allows you to measure in two directions simultaneously. With one press of a button, you can acquire the right, left, and accurate total value in one go, saving you both time and energy. The VH-80 allows you to work with better accuracy and efficiency by making you the focal point.

No matter if you rent or own your home, chances are at some point you’ve needed a measuring tool to help you complete a project. From dimensions of doors and spaces for furniture and rugs, to the heigh of a wall to hang your favorite artwork or family photo, there are countless situations where homeowners need access to an accurate measuring device.

Over the course of history, we’ve used everything to measure distances including individual body parts like hands, arms, and feet, to more modern iterations like rulers and tape measures. The problem with these tools has always remained the same: the user must always start from 0 and work towards their destination. When it comes to current measuring tools on the market, many are awkward and hard to use, and in some cases require a second set of hands to get a mostly accurate reading. It’s time to ditch the old way of measuring and upgrade to a VH-80, a modern tool designed to make measuring anything a breeze.

What Is the VH-80?

The VH-80 is a small, pocket-sized measuring unit that has been dubbed “the world's first bilateral measuring device”.  At the push of a button, VH-80 emits two laser pulses from the right and left sides of the unit allowing you to measure two distances simultaneously, instantly giving you accurate measurements for both sides and the total length. This technology allows you to measure from any point, rather than cramming yourself against a wall, crouching to the floor, or climbing a tall later to start your measurements.

Benefits of VH-80

Aside from its ability to take multiple measurements at the push of a button, the VH-80 has several other features for homeowners to consider, such as:

  • Allowing you to work from anywhere along a single line of measurement: Because the VH-80 is bilateral, it takes measurements from the left and right of the device, meaning you can take accurate readings from anywhere between point A and point B. The unit also has the ability to take single sided measurements by allowing you to turn off one side of the laser.

  • Multiple internal auto calculation modes: The VH-80 has 5 internal calculation modes, helping you measure everything including: Bilateral measurements, Continuous measurements (helping find the midpoint in real-time), Area, Volume, and Pythagorean Equations. Using these modes is easy and the unit will auto calculate the values depending on your input.

  • 80-meter max measuring distance:  Most traditional tape measures have a max length of 25 - 30 feet (~10 yards), and often are flimsy and hard to use at longer distances, but not the VH-80.  With an 80-meter max distance (~87 yards) the VH-80 can measure the length of a soccer field in the blink of an eye.

  • Improving your safety: Traditional measuring tools often require to you crouch, squish into tight places, and climb ladders and steps to get mostly accurate measurements. With its bilateral technology, the VH-80 reduces the effort needed, leaving you firmly planted on the ground.

  • Save time by reducing movement: Using a standard tape measure, the average person makes about 15 moves per 30 minutes, needing to move to various reference points throughout the process.  Using the VH-80 however, the average user can make 3 moves in just 3 minutes.

Who Needs a VH-80?

At some point in your life, you’ve needed a tool to help you measure something.

From homeowners, renters, and everyone in between, there are certain tools everyone should always have access to, and the VH-80 is the perfect choice for measurements. Designed with your safety in mind, the VH-80 can tackle any measuring project with extreme accuracy, needing only the push of a button. 

So, the next time you need to grab a quick measurement, ditch the traditional tape measure and rulers, grab a VH-80 from the Futurist, and take the hassle out of your home projects.

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