Staying On Task with Pagico

Staying On Task with Pagico



Pagico Task & Data Management Software is built specifically for busy people--and extra features allow you to work offline, collaborate with others and manage your tasks in one place.

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Work and life responsibilities pile up quickly. As your calendar becomes increasingly crowded, you start to lose track, miss deadlines and forget about important projects. You could use your calendar, Notes app or spreadsheets, but these apps have limited functionalities. Pagico Task & Data Management Software is built specifically for busy people--and extra features allow you to work offline, collaborate with others and manage your tasks in one place.

Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

Whether you work from home, own a business or have a lot of daily tasks, here are a few reasons why you need task management software:

  • You'll get automatic reminders about upcoming tasks so you don't have to keep checking your calendar.

  • You'll keep track of your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment.

  • With your tasks and projects in front of you, it's easier to stay motivated.

  • You'll have a place to store files, notes and tasks in one centralized location.

  • You can refer back to your data any time, even months into the future.

In particular, Pagico offers features that set it aside from other task management software.

What Makes Pagico Different?

Instead of a basic calendar, Pagico provides a timeline so you can view your entire schedule days and weeks in advance. A diagram underneath the timeline highlights dates with tasks that you need to complete. With a clear readout of remaining, overdue and completed tasks, you'll view your workload for the week at a glance.

Pagico also gives you the ability to work offline. Since Pagico stores the data on your device, you can view your tasks without connecting to the Internet. Upload your data to the cloud, and access Pagico from your tablet, laptop or smartphone. If you're in a hurry, view or update your timeline anywhere with just a few clicks.

For team projects, you can make a Team workspace and sync the data with your employees or co-workers. Give everyone access to the timeline, upcoming tasks, files, notes, projects and contacts. Add new tasks and choose the deadline in seconds so everyone stays on top of projects and meetings. With centralized data, your colleagues only need to log in to see everything in front of them.

Finally, while other software limits you to a specific layout, Pagico allows you to customize your sidebar and dashboard. Choose the most important information so you see it immediately when you open the software. This saves time that you'd otherwise waste sifting through unnecessary feedback and reminders.

How Do You Integrate Pagico into Your Work Routine?

To start, enter your tasks into the platform. Pull up the dialog box, write the task, add the date and choose an optional color. Pagico adds the task to your timeline and highlights the task with the diagram below. You can schedule tasks days, weeks or months into the future.

Next, add projects to the platform. Projects give you a centralized place for lists, notes, tasks and files that you can update any time. Use the drag-and-drop feature to add emails, PDFs, Word documents and other files. Tag projects so you can find them later, then search for projects to find old files and assignments. You can store projects indefinitely and refer back to them later.

Once you've added tasks and projects, Pagico greets you with your tasks as soon as you log in. You can complete tasks right away and mark them as complete, then view your upcoming tasks to stay on top of your responsibilities.

Order Pagico Task & Data Management Software from The Futurist, and get started immediately. Each software purchase comes with a permanent license so you can use Pagico for the rest of your career.

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