MagellanTV vs. Curiosity Stream

MagellanTV vs. Curiosity Stream



MagellanTV and Curiosity Stream are streaming services that offer a wealth of movies and documentaries on science, history, animals, space, crime, aliens, the world, and many other topics.

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MagellanTV and Curiosity Stream are streaming services that offer a wealth of movies and documentaries on science, history, animals, space, crime, aliens, the world, and many other topics. If you are a huge lover of documentaries, you may want both. 


MagellanTV vs. Curiosity Stream

Plenty of services offer documentaries, but few approach the richness and quality of the content at MagellanTV. With a library of 4,000+ movies, series, and documentaries, there's plenty to keep you watching, entertained, and educated. MagellanTV focuses on history, science, and true crime content. It offers a vast library of documentaries and original series that cover a wide range of historical events, scientific discoveries, and criminal cases. The platform also offers a feature that allows users to create custom playlists of their favorite documentaries.

CuriosityStream, on the other hand, offers a wider variety of content, including science, technology, nature, and history. Curiosity Stream has more than 3,000 titles, which is pretty good, too. It also offers original series, feature-length documentaries, and short-form content. The platform's content is produced in-house and in partnership with other production companies.


In both of the platforms, you can watch on any PC, SmartTV, mobile device, plug-in, or casting. You can also access through:

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Android TV

  • Apple TV

  • iPhones and iPads

  • Android phones and tablets  

  • Google Chromecast 

  • Roku

  • LG, Samsung, and Sony Smart TVs

  • Web browsers

  • Xbox One

  • PlayStation4

Other Features

Magellan TV

  • Content library: Exclusive and original content about science, history, wildlife, travel, and more.

  • Content quality: Award-winning, high-quality content.

  • User-Friendly UI: Simple and easy content browsing and searching simple.

  • Offline viewing: Download and save shows and series to watch them later.

  • Multi-device support: Works with smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming devices.

  • No Ads: Users don't see ads.

  • Parental controls: Lets parents restrict material with a password.

  • Create playlists: Users can save their favorite shows and documentaries to watch later.

  • Subtitles: Watch in your preferred language.

  • Search and Browse: Find shows quickly by category, topic, or channel.

Curiosity Stream

  • Access to a large library of content: Thousands of documentaries and non-fiction programs on science, technology, history, nature, and society.

  • High-quality content: Top-notch non-fiction content produced by BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic.

  • Original programming: Exclusive content not available anywhere else.

  • Multi-device support: Supports smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices, and game consoles.

  • Available worldwide: Local content may vary.

  • Access on multiple screens: Watch content on multiple displays.

  • Ad-free viewing: Watch without interruptions.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on your viewing history, the service recommends content.

  • Offline Viewing: You can download content to watch offline.


MagellanTV is a streaming service that provides documentary content on a variety of topics. The price of the service varies according to the subscription plan selected. A monthly plan costs $5.99 per month, and an annual plan costs $59.88 per year. The annual plan saves you money over the monthly plan, which costs about $4.99 per month. Both plans give new subscribers 14 days of free access to the entire MagellanTV library.

The cheapest Curiosity Stream plan, which gives you access to all of the service's HD documentaries, costs just $2.99 per month. To watch everything in 4K, you must subscribe to the 4K Monthly plan, which costs $9.99 per month. Documentary fans who know they'll use CuriosityStream for the entire year will get the most bang for their buck with the HD Annual ($19.99 per year) or 4K Annual ($69.99 per year) plans.

Ready to Choose Your Documentary App?

Both MagellanTV and CuriosityStream are great streaming platforms for anyone who is interested in educational and documentary content. But if you're looking for a platform with a wider variety of content and a lower cost, CuriosityStream might be the better option. On the other hand, if you're particularly interested in history and true crime, MagellanTV might be a better fit for you.

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