Learn to Draw Like a Pro With This Bundle

Learn to Draw Like a Pro With This Bundle



Boost your drawing prowess with a bundle of four online courses from The Futurist.

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Boost your drawing prowess with a bundle of four online courses from The Futurist. These lessons help you master the fundamentals of drawing, whether you want to sharpen your existing skills or immerse yourself in a new creative outlet. They also make a great gift for the aspiring artist in your life.

Work in the comfort of your own home as you explore basic drawing and sketching, 3D perspectives, shading and shadowing, pencil drawing and portraiture. The courses combine to deliver 15 hours of training, which you can tackle on demand and at your own pace — all you need is a computer, an internet connection and your drawing supplies. Students get lifetime access to this valuable resource, so you can revisit the lessons whenever you like.

The 2023 Fundamental of Drawing & Shading Bundle includes the following courses:

How to Draw EP1: Basic Drawing Skills & Sketching Course

Basic Drawing Skills & Sketching Course

This beginner-level course consists of 32 lessons for those who are just starting out or seeking a refresher on the basic principles of drawing. The 3 hours of lectures are also useful if you're trying to complete a drawing but can't figure out why it's not turning out the way you envision it.

Start by learning about basic drawing tools, the correct way to hold a pencil and different ways of looking at your subject. You'll move on to creating freehand lines, curves, circles and simple 2D and 3D shapes. By the end of the course, you'll be pulling together everything you've learned as you practice sketching objects such as a chair, fish, chess pawn, glasses and dancing figure.

How to Draw EP2: Perspective 3D Drawing & Sketching Course

When you're ready to add dimensionality and volume to your drawings, work your way through these 28 lessons. The 5 hours of lectures explain the theory behind depth in drawing, pointing out the 3D structure of blocks, forms and human figures. You'll learn about 1-point to 5-point perspectives and how to apply them to create the illusion of 3-dimensional space.

This course progresses through the basic 3D building blocks you should have in your drawing toolkit: the cube, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid. You'll gradually learn to add more spatial complexity to your drawings, practicing your skills by sketching objects such as a coffee cup, donut, glass and camera.

How to Draw EP3: Shading Basics & Shadow Drawing Course

In this 2-hour series of lectures, you'll discover how to incorporate light and shadow to create more realistic drawings. There are 10 lessons total, taking you step by step through basic and advanced shading techniques. You'll start by rendering cast shadows and creating shadow and light sides on different forms. The next step is to follow along and apply what you've learned by shading a hollow brick shape, a sphere with an inward curve, a coffee mug and a figure. The concepts of light, shadow and 3-dimensionality covered in this course can also be applied to media such as painting.

Portrait Drawing 101: Pencil Drawing Course for Beginners

This course consists of 5 hours of lectures delving into the art of portraiture. The 22 lessons break down a seemingly difficult skill into simple steps. Begin by understanding the planes and proportions of a human head, so you can draw one from different angles. You’ll learn to draw a realistic eye, nose, mouth and ear and to capture facial expressions. The instructor also explains how to shade the planes of the head to add perspective.

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