DeLorean Set to Make a Grand Comeback

DeLorean Set to Make a Grand Comeback

Good news, car lovers! The DeLorean is coming back again, and yes, it is all going to be evolved and electric. The icon of the 1980s, famously showcased as the time machine in the Back to the Future movie franchise, is set to make its long-awaited return this year the company’s CEO confirmed.

The DeLorean motor company recently revealed a 15-second teaser video via its official Twitter account showing the new car's iconic outline. In the cryptic announcement tweet, DeLorean included the "Luxury" hashtag, which hints the vehicle may be an upmarket model rivaling high-end vehicles from manufacturers like Tesla, Mercedes, and Audi among others. It also included the "DeLorean Evolved" hashtag, hinting at its new all-electric design.

What is the DeLorean?

The original DeLorean first hit the showrooms in the 1980s, gaining fame in the sci-film franchise Back to the Future. While it was iconic among movie fans and car collectors, the company later collapsed due to financial issues and production difficulties.

After years in limbo, namely a failed revival in 2016, DeLorean has announced its return by August 2022 following a new strategic partnership.

DeLorean & Italdesign Partnership

Recently, Italdesign (the automobile company that collaborated with Williams Advanced Engineering) struck a deal to partner with DeLorean to help create the newest iteration of its iconic DMC-12. Talking of this collaboration, the DeLorean marketing manager said he was excited about partnering with this company to manufacture a car that fulfills the company's vision for the future.

In the same year, the company published a video featuring a darkened silhouette of a vehicle with a DMC badge alongside the tagline "The future was never promised."

The animation also revealed the new car's signature gullwing doors. This sophisticated ground design suggests that DeLorean will not be a complete modernization and will instead follow the layout of the original DMC-12. However, the final design of the vehicle has not yet been revealed.

Details On the New 2022 DeLorean Model

So far, the new DeLorean has held back most of its most important details, but CEO Joost de Vriessooner promised future updates before the car gets back to the roads. What we know so far is that the new DeLorean will feature a two-one body finish. It will also come with horizontal slats running across the rear window. A thin led bar will cut across the back end, running into the raised muscular haunches. The company has not yet revealed the powertrain details, but it will be an all-electric vehicle. Additionally, no performance specifications have been made public as of yet.

DeLorean's Grand Comeback Unveiled

While there is speculation the car will be on display at Pebble Beach later this year, we are all awaiting finalized details like price, performance, and availability. Time will tell if the revived icon of the screen will be available for the masses, or reserved for the luxury sports car enthusiast, but one thing is for certain; the battery-powered vehicle is expected to hit 88 MPH.


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