Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day will be here soon, and The Futurist sells a range of gifts that dads can keep enjoying weeks and even months after the holiday passes.

Father's Day will be here soon, and The Futurist sells a range of gifts that dads can keep enjoying weeks and even months after the holiday passes. Order one (or many!) of these gifts ASAP for a successful celebration of dad.

1. The Carbon Fiber Ridge Wallet

If you're dad has been rocking a massive George Constanza wallet for the better part of your life, it's time to upgrade him to The Ridge's sleek, minimalist, RFID-block wallet. Ridge Wallets come in a variety of masculine finishes like carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, with amazing features like an attachable cash strap or money clip. It's the ultimate everyday carry upgrade for your pops.

2. Mini Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dads can use this surprisingly strong vacuum cleaner and its three accessories in cars, offices, and around the house. It is perfect for sucking up dirt, dust, and other small particles from surfaces and hard-to-reach corners.

It runs on a rechargeable battery for up to 30 minutes at a time. No cords, easy to store and charge!

3. PlayStation Plus: 12-Month Subscription

Treat your gamer dad to a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription that includes 365 days of online multiplayer gaming, two free games each month in an ever-expanding library, and game discounts.

This subscription pays for itself quickly with all of this rich content.

4. Online Course: Get Things Done

Is your dad ready to jump into action and get more things done? This online course features 29 powerful strategies and is great for people who love self-paced learning and exploring new things.

It's split into three sections: Daily Productivity, Productive Mindset, and Taking Action. The course content spans 50 lectures over nine hours. It is all accessible 24/7 with lifetime desktop and mobile access options.

5. Battpak Power Bank & Travel Safe

If your dad loves traveling, music festivals, or concerts, this power bank and travel safe is a good investment. It gets dads traveling lighter and sleeker. Features include partitions for cash, papers, and credit cards.

More than that, the gift has a strap to hold cigarettes, straws, and other items. It includes a three-way charger and supports universal device charging. The hand-stitched vegan leather makes for a handsome, sophisticated finish.

6. "Do You Really Know Your Family?" Card Game

Get this for dads who adore family game nights. "Do You Really Know Your Family?" is full of trivia and challenge cards to spark laughter and bonding. No worries if your group has children.

The game is family-friendly and recommended for ages 8 and above, teens, and adults.

7. A Year of LastPass Premium for only $2.08 a month

It's a pain to remember all kinds of different passwords. LastPass cuts through a lot of password red tape and hassle with its simplicity. All your dad has to do is save a password one time, and it becomes available across all of his devices. Premium includes unlimited passwords, all-device access, save and autofill, password generator, dark web monitoring, top tech support, and much more. The information remains secure and private, of course.

This gift is especially great for dads who do a lot of online shopping or who have a busy online life with tons of passwords for Wi-Fi, email accounts, banks, insurance, group memberships, and so on. If your dad ever wants to share his passwords with you or someone else, he can do so easily with LastPass Premium.

8. The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Does your dad like solving puzzles? Does he also like winning money? Then he's going to love the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle from MSCHF. Once you complete this fun jigsaw puzzle, you'll find a QR code that enters you into a cash drawing. Prizes range from $1 to $1,000,000.

This is a limited-time offer from MSCHF. Order now before puzzles are out of stock!

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