Tech Essentials to Start the New Year

Tech Essentials to Start the New Year

These tech essentials can help you kick off 2022.

Upgrade your tech in 2022 to boost your career, take cool photos or improve your gaming experience. These products boast the latest technology that represents years of research, testing and development. With greater convenience, you'll save hours of time and jump ahead of the curve while everyone else is waiting for their tablet to charge.

1. Logitech 910005670 G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero Sensor

The Logitech Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse with Hero Sensor connects directly to your device without cords or wires, providing more space for versatile gameplay. When you need to charge your mouse, pick up a POWERPLAY wireless charger. You'll get 140 hours of continuous gameplay when your mouse is fully charged or 180 hours if you turn off the LIGHTSYNC RBG lighting.

For increased immersion, the RBG lighting responds to changes in audio and screen color. The Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse has a lightweight design and one millisecond response time so you never lose a battle due to lagging. Plus, this mouse is fully compatible with Windows and Apple operating systems.

2. MagStack Foldable 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station with Floating Stand

With the MagStack Foldable Wireless Charging Station, you'll charge three devices at once on the same platform. Compatible devices include iPhones, Bluetooth earbuds, AirPods and Android smartphones. This charging station even has a special stand for Apple watches.

When you're done, fold the charging station and store it in your bag or glove compartment. The compact design folds into a stack the size of a wallet, taking up as little space as possible. Turn this charging station into a floating stand to watch videos or talk to friends on FaceTime while your device charges.

3. Mophie Power Boost Power Bank 5200mAh, Blue

With two USB slot sizes, the Mophie Power Boost external battery charges most devices. The LED indicator lights let you know how much your device has charged. A 2.1 amp output charges your device quickly, making it ideal for emergency situations--or days when you just forgot to charge your phone. The 5,200 mAh capacity gives your battery a medium-sized lifespan if you use it to fully charge your devices.

4. Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera

The Black Drone with Dual HD 4K Camera captures aerial videos with a 4K camera and electronic image stabilization for reduced shakiness. An altitude hold mode function also keeps the drone stable during the flight. When you choose headless mode, the drone locks into the direction of your remote controller. The remote has a 1,200-meter range so you can film from large heights and distances.

Choose from three speeds as you fly the drone to capture the perfect shot. When you're done shooting footage, hit the key to make your drone return automatically, then fold it up and store it in your bag or case. The compact design allows the folded drone to fit in the palm of your hand.

5. Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector

Watch your favorite media on the big screen with the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector. The projector supports up to 30 hours of audio and three hours of video so you can watch a full movie or several episodes of a TV show. With 200 lumens, this projector provides a bright screen so your videos are crisp and clear.

To play media, connect your projector through Bluetooth, WiFi or one of the ports. Prima has ports for USB, HDMI, SD cards and audio interfaces so you can stream with virtually any device. The projector also comes with a tripod, remote control and power cable.

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