Back that Data Up with These 5 Solutions

Back that Data Up with These 5 Solutions

Unreliable data protection can be a nightmare – imagine losing the work you've done on a huge school project, all your work contacts and client information, or your entire digital album of family pictures.

Unreliable data protection can be a nightmare – imagine losing the work you've done on a huge school project, all your work contacts and client information, or your entire digital album of family pictures. Trusting your data storage to an inferior product is like playing with fire for your most important documents and memories.

At the Futurist, we love tech advances, and we take our data storage seriously. Check out these five advanced data backup solutions, and relax knowing that you've securely preserved everything that matters most.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal: Lifetime Subscription

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Recover data from even an inaccessible or formatted drive easily with a Lifetime Subscription to MiniTool Power Data Recovery Personal. This powerful data recovery program is cost-effective and fully compatible with Windows systems. It boasts 100% clean data recovery software and can help you recover data from memory and SD cards, USB flash drives, external hard drives, and Windows computers. Don't stress over lost data – this software can help extract images or files from even outdated storage methods.

Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription

Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage

Fast, simple, and secure file storage you can access anywhere – perfect for busy people on the go! With a Lifetime Subscription to Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage, you can free up space on your computer, phone, or tablet but still easily access documents, photos, and other files remotely. And, the Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage allows easy video sharing and exchange of larger files. The system allows you to preview files before downloading, preventing "clutter" on your devices. Prism exceeds industry standards for file and data security.

Akko Electronics Protection Plan: 1-Yr Subscription

Akko Electronics

The last protection plan you'll ever need – and you can protect up to 25 devices with a One-Year Subscription to Akko Electronics Protection Plan! Protect against cracked screens, spills and water damage, drops, and even theft with this money-saving device protection plan. And, you can even swap out covered items in your AKKO plan when you buy a new one, upgrade, or add another family member to your protection plan. KKO partners with local repair specialists near you – no shipping items back and forth – and fast, usually same-day claim resolution. Stay protected, and stop wasting time and money on insufficient device plans!

G Cloud Mobile Backup 100GB Plan: 3-Year Subscription

G Cloud Mobile Backup

Securely open, store, and share all your digital Cloud files safely with a Three-Year Subscription to the G Cloud Mobile Backup 100GB Plan! This all-in-one Cloud backup solution offers up to 100GB of storage, allowing you to migrate your contacts, call logs, messages, and media to any Apple or Android device. And, you can back up multiple devices with a single account so that all your important files are in one easy-to-access central location. Our data is protected by military-grade 256 AES encryption, giving you peace of mind against data breaches.

Mail Backup X Individual Edition

Mail Backup X Individual Edition

Your business communications are vital to smooth operations and prompt customer service. Ensure that they're protected and securely archived with the Mail Backup X Individual Edition. It's compatible with all major mail clients and allows easy storage, access, and migration. Access to critical emails or records of conversation allows you to plan ahead and be prepared for anything. Backup X is the one-stop solution for email management for any size business, from a single entrepreneur to large companies with multiple locations. With its remote access, you can securely access archived messages on the go.

Protect Your Data From Security Breaches

Whether you're seeking data protection for your business or your family memories, safe and secure storage is a must. These software solutions help ensure that all your files are safely secure.

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